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  • Ernest Corder, President & CCO

    In my days in radio sales, I used to watch advertising agencies abuse their client relationships, and I watched the stations award Account Reps for charging clients the highest rates and thought, “I can do this better.” Hence, the creation of our agency under the name Corder Marketing as the “anti-ad agency" advertising agency. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, expanding from broadcast media placement to include full-service creative, strategy, web design and much more. But we maintain our core philosophy of creating real ideas that bring real results.

    Fifteen years later, we are still making it happen with that dedication to our clients and their results. We found that you can be honest and ethical with your clients and the media and run a successful agency.

    These days you will find me working hard on growing the agency and building our staff to be the best it can be. But you’ll still see me hard at work on our accounts; writing copy, creating media strategies and cooking up the next great selling idea for our clients.

  • Brady Woodall, Vice President, Account Services

    After almost 10 years in the mental health field, I thought I’d make a sane decision and join the crazy world of advertising. I began in radio and broadcast television sales where I enjoyed seeing my clients’ success, but that success was limited to my station. I wanted to make more impact for clients and be able to assist them with all aspects of their marketing efforts. I worked with Ernest Corder for a few years and gained a high level of respect for the honesty and integrity he shows his clients and the media. After expressing my interest in working for him, he stated that the agency was growing and in a few months a position may be available. I decided that if I was to switch to the agency side, Redroc was going to be where I’d work. A few months later, Ernest informed me that a position was available, and I began as an Account Manager.

    Eleven years later, the agency has grown in size and scope, yet the qualities of honesty and integrity remain strong. I see this continuing with the growth of Redroc. 

    I currently work directly with a number of clients and have travelled across the country setting up marketing plans for new clients. It is always extremely rewarding to see our plans in action and generating results for clients as well as being a part of the ideas that make it happen.

  • David W. Ciccoccioppo, Creative Director

    Logos have always fascinated me. So much so that my grade school notebooks were covered with the logos of the brands I admired, painstakingly recreated with a ballpoint pen. Little did I know that these old doodles would actually end up benefiting me as early examinations of how design can be used to convey emotion with just a few lines, simple curves, and carefully chosen images and typefaces. It’s these emotional triggers that motivate people to purchase one product over another.

    My job at Redroc isn’t to make a logo or even an ad for you; it’s to help you make emotional connections with your target audience and motivate them to do something.

  • Erin Ivy, Senior Account Manager

    The advertising industry is dynamic and constantly presents new challenges. It is exciting to help clients navigate economic, technological, and social changes to arrive at the marketing strategy that gives them the best chance for success. My ultimate goal is for my clients to perform better utilizing my marketing expertise than they otherwise would alone. To meet this goal, I stay current on marketing trends and innovations and place a premium on quality client feedback. I have over six years of account management experience, working with a wide variety of clients and managing all aspects of marketing campaigns, including media planning and buying, copywriting, online marketing, social media, and website development.

  • Molly Crum, Senior Account Manager

    I was raised by a doctor and an engineer. Numbers and organization were just a part of everyday life in our household. However, my artistic side craved attention, and I immersed myself in a world of dance and creativity. A native of Albuquerque, I came to Austin to pursue my higher education, and earned my bachelor’s degree in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin.

    When I got old enough to realize my place as a contributing member of society, I took a direction that would satisfy the best of both worlds: advertising. Now I spend my days managing client accounts, keeping track of budgets, maintaining timelines and due dates, and working toward a creative execution that will provide the best direction for my clients.

    At Redroc, I am able to feed my OCD organization side as well as my free-flowing creative side. I look forward to the challenges ahead and working hard for my clients to help them grow and thrive.

  • Melissa Love, Senior Account Manager

    I've always known advertising was what I wanted to do, working with clients to get the word out with thoughtful strategy and vibrant creative. I learned everything I could, graduating from Ball State University and honing my skills with early internships at prominent agencies in the Midwest.

    Once I was set loose upon the workforce, I was fortunate to work with some fantastic hospitality and restaurant brands, everything from casino resorts to quick-service and fast-casual restaurant chains. And now with the sharp, hard-working team at Redroc, I get to bring this deep experience to bear for some of the best clients a girl could ask for.

    Seven years ago, my husband, son and I settled in Austin and instantly fell in love. I've been a part of the vibrant improv community here and enjoy everything Central Texas has to offer. Whether taking our two dogs to McKinney Falls to a night spent eating great food and enjoying live music downtown, you'll find us making the most of our surroundings.

  • Shelly Wright, Media Director

    I started in advertising and as a media buyer completely by accident. Fresh from my University of Texas degree in Elementary Education, I started my media career with a temp job answering the phone at a local Austin agency that suddenly needed help with a large statewide TV buy. The media director asked me if I wanted to work in media… and so it began! I learned everything by trial and error and a ton of questions! 

    Over the following years, the majority of my clients and campaigns have focused on public education/health for the state of Texas and corporations that had a similar education/health message for their customers. I’ve always had a strong sense of empathy and I think that lets me see how others think, react and now - most importantly for this career - consume media. And it turns out that I have a penchant for building crazy spreadsheets, digging into data and research to find my audience and getting media reps to give me a lot of free stuff for my clients!

    I’m a nearly life long Texan, graduating from Pflugerville High School (yes it DOES start with a P!) and then UT Austin, but I have lived in several parts of the US and love to travel with my husband. We have a few pets and spoil them rotten every chance we get! I am also possibly over-involved with my neighborhood HOA as the VP and “Party” Committee Chair along with my work with the Texas Renal Coalition - a group that is near and dear to my donated kidney! And if that doesn’t keep me out of trouble enough, I’m a bit crafty and love making scrapbooks about my adventures.

  • Damaris Alfonso, Graphic Designer

    My career trajectory began when I was a kid, when I asked my dad (an industrial designer) who was responsible for creating logos. When I learned that people actually created stuff like that for a living, my fate was sealed. It seems to be a start for a lot of designers. This career let me embrace the sides of me and interests that never felt suited for “real life;” writing, doodling, illustration, pixel art, inking, lettering, antiquing… Everything that I learn or see, especially when not related directly to design, contributes to what I make.

    After my stint in school I returned home and have worked at agencies in Austin, large and small (and tiny). My experiences so far with a variety of clients makes me excited to work on any new challenge or project that comes across my desk.

  • Alissa Galindo, Account Coordinator

    What I love about advertising is that it’s a daily adventure and constantly evolving, and I’ve always been a free spirit who loves a good challenge. Growing up I utilized every creative outlet possible. Dance, theater, choir, creative writing, even horseback riding; you name it and I tried it. I thrive on the ability to express myself, and to thrive in the world of advertising you need a creative soul, a sharp mind and a great sense of humor. Well, I always knew that one day my wit and sarcasm would find a home. Combine my desire for creativity and my need for perfection and you’ve got yourself one heck of an Account Coordinator.

    For me the adventure has only just begun. After a 5-year hiatus from the field I just knew that I had to get back in, and thankfully I found myself here at Redroc. When the opportunity came to work for the company I eagerly said yes. I’m excited- no, thrilled to be able to begin my journey in a field meant just for me and at a company meant just for me. So, let the journey begin. 

  • Kim Corder, Accounting Director

    Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. It's my job to make sure they all work out right. Processing all our clients’ payments (thank you very much), getting checks out to media, figuring out discrepancies, and keeping the lights turned on are all on my to-do list. Notice my last name and you’ll see that I’m very bound to the agency. I’ve been with the agency pretty much as long as there’s been an agency and will be around for the long-haul.

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