Why Redroc Advertising Agency?

Real Ideas – Real Results

Ideas are the foundation of all sound marketing plans. But ideas can be a dime a dozen. We could come up with a thousand off-the-wall creative ideas – but they need to be REAL IDEAS. By real, we mean ideas that will:

  • enhance your brand
  • actually sell what you want to sell
  • be feasible to make happen with a given budget

We specialize in creating fantastic, selling, brand-driven, creative ideas that speak to your target audience, maintain and build your brand, make your advertising and marketing work, and we do it within budget.

We don’t create marketing and advertising to win awards – we create marketing and advertising that produce REAL RESULTS. Regardless of how funny or hip an ad is, if it doesn’t work for the client, then the ad failed. Our goal is to Make It Happen for our clients. We want to brand your business and sell more of whatever it is you are selling. We strive for a balance between branding and ROI-based marketing. We are realists – we know you actually want to receive a return on your advertising and marketing investment. We build long-term relationships with our clients by bringing them results.

We also believe in realistic pricing. Our agency was originally formed as the "anti-ad agency" advertising agency. We saw media gouging their clients and agencies overcharging for poor-quality work and said, “We can do better.” We provide high-quality work at fair prices. We believe in “no surprise” billing with no hidden fees or larger-than-expected invoices. We also believe in full-disclosure of what you are buying and how we charge for our services.

How We Work

Big Agency Service – Small Agency Attention.

We deliver the services that big ad agencies offer but maintain our small agency approach by exceeding our clients' attention, timeline and budgetary expectations.

We Believe in Business Karma

We pride ourselves in doing things the right way – with ethics, honesty, hard work and a conscience. We tell our clients what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. In the end, it all comes back to reward you.

Media Buyer Expertise

We challenge anyone to find better media planners and media buyers than those at Redroc. We go way beyond cost-per-point and GRP’s when creating media plans that really work because that’s what we all really want, right? Media that works. We use the numbers, but we look way beyond just metrics. Redroc is known for getting great rates for our clients. We garner some of the best media deals in our markets. We know how low media will go, we have buying power, and we are often used as a clearing house by media for unbelievable last minute deals that buying by the numbers will never get you. Our goal is to buy the maximum amount of media for the budget and to leverage and negotiate more promotional and added-value commitment than any other agency. We’re proud of our media planning and buying record and would like to put those skills to use for you. Schedule an agency review today.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create connections between our clients and their potential customers.



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