Digital Optimization - Much More Than SEO

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Digital Optimization - Much More Than SEO

Posted by Ernest Corder on April 27th, 2011

Everyone talks about SEO - Search Engine Optimization. But in today's digital world, looking at SEO alone provides only a small perspective on how to digitally optimize your business. Yes, your web site is still your main hub online and it is important to optimize your site for search. However, optimizing your main site is just one part of a full “Digital Optimization” program we are now offering at Redroc.

What is “Digital Optimization?” It includes optimizing your web site with Meta work and keyword-rich content creation, but also a plan for web proliferation (being found in many places on the web, not just your site). A proliferation plan may include researching, setting up and managing online directories and listings, and building very specific landing pages and micro-sites for alternate url’s. Digital Optimization also includes optimization for the mobile web. Your standard web site likely does not function well on handhelds, so mobile versions of your site should be considered, considering more than 50% of online usage is now on handhelds!

Our digital program goes beyond just optimizing your site for search. Once a user finds your site, they need to be moved toward your online goals. Digital optimization includes a plan for writing and organizing your site to move the viewer to take the actions you want, bringing you greater goal conversions.

A frustrating part of doing business on the internet is that you do not have control of what others say about you on blogs, postings and reviews. Our complete optimization plan includes management of your online reputation, cultivating and propagating positive reviews while trying to minimize the effects of negative comments.

Your digital world also includes social media, e-mail marketing, blogging and newsletters – all of which add to your web proliferation program, your relevance score, sharing of content and linking to your site. Our “Digital Optimization” plan covers social media, e-mail marketing, and content creation through blogging and newsletters. We develop ideas, edit and write content for the web.

With all of these functions managed by one group, you end up with a cohesive digital plan that functions as part of your seamless integrated marketing program. Are you interested in this new kind of SEO? Going way beyond traditional SEO? Give us a call to discuss our “Digital Optimization” program to see how it can help your business be an online success.