Web Proliferation Using URL's

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Web Proliferation Using URL's

Posted by Ernest Corder on May 30th, 2011

URL's can be fun! Really!

Your url (i.e. www.nameofyourbiz.com) is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. But there are a lot of other ways to use url's to your advantage, including using them as a major part of your web proliferation strategy. By web proliferation we mean creating ways for people to find you on the web besides just through your main web site. Real optimization is making sure searchers find you - regardless of where they reach you. It could be through your web site, landing pages, directories, Adwords or any other source that drives a contact. Using multiple URL's can be fun and useful in several ways.

1. Alternative Spellings. Is your business spelled a little differently than people might expect (i.e. Redroc instead of Red Rock)? Then buy multiple URL's and use redirects as a way to make it easier for people to get in touch with you. Our agency is the perfect example. Redroc is an odd spelling, and people will naturally want to spell it with a "k" at the end or with two words. The main URL for our web site is www.redrocadvertising.com. However, we also own www.redrockadvertising.com that redirects to our site, so even if someone types in the wrong spelling of our name they still find us. Redroc Advertising isn't the real name of our business, but it works much better for search purposes and is a better explanation of what we do (another search tactic). We also wanted a shorter version to use for our email, so we own www.redrocaustin.com which also redirects to our main site. Of course, we also own www.redrockaustin.com. And regardless of which version of the URL you type after the @ on our email addresses, it will still redirect to the correct person on our staff. URL's are cheap, so buy the .com's and .net's and redirect as needed to help your end-users. It won't help with search, but it makes it easier to find you.

2. Web Proliferation Through the Use of Alternate URL's. URL's are cheap and sometimes more readily available than you might think. We've found this to be the case many times, when someone simply gives up a URL so you are able to buy it for around $10 and own a strong key phrase. We actually bought austinboatdealers.com and austinusedboatdealers.com for a client because they were available directly from Network Solutions...with no premiums paid. And what do you think people search for when they're looking for a boat? So our suggestion is to look for key phrases people use in searching for your business, find URL's that are readily available that will work well for those searches and then create micro-sites or landing pages based on those terms. For example, we purchased the URL www.austinmediabuyer.com. We still haven't gotten around to it yet (of course) but will be building a one to three page web site all about media buying in Austin - how we do it, our experience, and why we are the best. This will all link back to our main web site. In the end, for a $10 URL, some design work and a bit of coding, we will most likely land on the first page for that search term in Austin without buying pay-per-click ads or paying a premium for high-end URL's from resellers because the URL and content will all be related directly to the search term.

Conclusion - Think up some key phrases, go to Network Solutions or GoDaddy and see what is available. Then start writing valuable, quality content based on those keyword phrases to help build your own web proliferation program.