Marketing and Media Strategy, Planning, Buying

We feel our marketing and media planning is unmatched, in Austin and beyond, for a few reasons:

  1. Our relationships run deep. We have standing rates with many media outlets, and some use our rates as base rates for their property.
  2. Our agency is often used as a last-minute clearinghouse for unsold inventory. We are able to scoop up last minute deals at incredible rates.
  3. We do use the numbers to make sure our buys are sound, but…
  4. We go beyond the numbers, because the goal is to create plans that work, not just plans that reach set CPM and GRP levels.
  5. We are experienced in media planning and placement with all forms of media. We pick the best media mix and media types to create an integrated campaign. A campaign may include traditional media like radio, TV, outdoor and print. But we may also including social media marketing and ads, banner campaigns, guerrilla marketing, PR or local-level community marketing.

Our media planning philosophy and strategy is to create media plans that are efficient, but most importantly, effective. If we could buy one perfect spot that doubled your business but it took all of your budget, it would be worth it, right? A media plan is not right unless it works.


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