Identifying Unique Selling Propositions - USP's

What is a Unique Selling  Proposition (USP)?

A unique selling proposition, known as a USP, is what sets your business apart from your competition. It is why a consumer chooses to go to your business, to call you or set an appointment, and to buy your product or service instead of buying from one of your competitors.

Determining Your USP's

This is a crucial step in developing your brand - it is also something in which Redroc can help you. Are you selling something that other companies offer as well? You have to have an angle, or a proposition, that makes your company different than others. Service-with-a-smile is not a USP. Knowledgable sales staff is also not a USP. Those are star qualities that can lead to referrals, a great online reputation and repeat business, but they likely won't drive consumers to your business for the first time. A USP might be a service that no one else offers, an exclusive on a product in a trade area, the convenience of multiple locations, a special pricing structure, specific training that only your staff receives, or a single prime location. If you do not have any unique selling propositions, then your only USP will be price.

Let Redroc Austin work with you to develop your USP's. These can be the basis for your business philosophy, your way of doing business, and your advertising and sales language.


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