San Antonio Home & Garden Show

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Crowds pile into the Alamodome

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San Antonio Home and Garden Show

In 2011, Show Technology produced the 31st Annual San Antonio Home & Garden Show. Even in a recessionary economy, we helped to promote the most successful home show in the company’s history, setting record attendance levels and bringing huge success to their vendors. Marketing is the key to a successful show.

The Client

Show Technology produces large-scale home and gardening events throughout the U.S., including the 31st Annual San Antonio Home and Garden Show held in February at the Alamodome. They also produce the fall builders show in San Antonio, also held at the Alamodome. Our agency handles all marketing and advertising for Show Technology, including strategy, sponsorship negotiations, media planning and placement, all forms of creative and direction of PR. Show Technology has been our client for over a decade.


Show Technology is based out of San Antonio, so this show is the “holy grail” of home shows. In 2011, the show was in its 31st season. Our 30th show in 2010 was a big success, so we had a huge challenge of surpassing that success in 2011. Given the recessionary climate and the pressure to create results for Show Technology’s vendors, this was quite a challenge.


Our goals for this show specifically were to:

  1. Remind the market of our great show
  2. Bring in first-time home show attendees
  3. Strike long-term promotional deals with our media partners
  4. Bring in and manage a new PR company to attain a much higher level of press exposure
  5. Make the show promotions so strong that it could not be missed

Real Ideas

Promoting home and garden shows is nothing new for the Redroc staff. We’ve been working with Show Technology shows for over a decade in San Antonio and throughout the United States. But we had to make this one extra special.

First, we stuck with the branding and selling statements that we know work: we promote to save time, save money and have fun. Our themes, strategy, and look and feel are felt throughout all of our media choices.

Second, we wanted to solidify our media partnerships. Starting with this show, we contracted a long-term deal with the San Antonio Express News as a major media sponsor for the show, garnering a show guide for each of our shows and an increased amount of additional exposure.

Third, we planned on stepping up our PR level by bringing in and managing a stronger PR group with specified goals and levels of expectation. Press is very important for these shows, and harder and harder to attain, so it was very important to the success of this show.

Real Results

Our promotions had never been stronger than for this show. The press coverage was likely the best we have ever seen. And our promotional partners are solidified for future shows. Most importantly, we set record levels of attendance for this show and any Show Technology show ever produced. This was a win-win for the client, the vendors, the attendees, and the agency.

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