Sunbelt Transformer Re-Branding

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Updated Logo

Sales and Promotional Literature

Sunbelt New Web Site Designed by Redroc

Sunbelt came to us as a random lead from our web site. We were hired to rebrand the company, including redesigning their logo, sales materials, advertisements, paper system, trade show displays and even creating a new website.

The Client

Sunbelt Transformer offers product sales, service and rentals for large scale electrical transformers. Sunbelt has locations throughout the United States and has an international presence.


Our challenge was to learn all about a new client, an industry for which we knew nothing, and to bring up a long-standing brand to today’s standards.


Our client's goals included presenting new design ideas to their company, winning approval of the designs, and from that, winning the approval to create an entire new brand for the company, consisting of a new web site, sales materials, trade show displays, paper system, and more, all the way to a new e-mail signature. Our goal was to “wow” them with the initial creative and to create something that could be used throughout their company.

Real Ideas

Sunbelt’s previous brand really did not exist. It was a mixture of various designs without continuity. We began with a revamped logo, and brought that look and feel to every aspect of their brand, starting with a paper system and new sales materials. Approval of these jobs allowed us to spread their new brand to all aspects of their company.

Real Results

The initial designs were overwhelmingly approved by corporate, leading to the creation of a new web site, new advertisements, trade show displays and more. Our goal for Sunbelt was never to have the “prettiest designs.” It was about creating an image that was right for their business - one their customers and prospects would respect. We successfully accomplished that goal, on-time and on-budget.

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