Twin Liquors Promotion for Bailey’s Irish Cream

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TV Screen Shot

Twin Deals Signage

Established in 1974 - Baileys is nothing new. Neither is Twin Liquors –founded just after prohibition. But this success story combines the two into what became a game-changer for Twins, Baileys, Austin television, and spirits promotions in general in Austin and throughout the U.S.

The Client

Twin Liquors is a family-owned group of liquor stores founded in Austin 74 years ago by the Jabour family. They now own over 60 locations in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Harker Heights and surrounding communities in Central Texas. Our agency handles all media, strategy and creative for Twins.


Our challenge was to get new people in the doors at Twin Liquors and to move Baileys off the shelves. We would accomplish this by promoting Baileys Irish Cream at a two-bottle deal price (playing off “Twins”) for the holidays in the early 2000’s.


The holiday season is a time when most people purchase some kind of alcoholic beverage – wine to go with turkey dinner, champagne for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and Baileys Irish Cream for cold nights by the fire. Our goal was to reach out to people that might not normally purchase alcoholic beverages or ever enter a Twin Liquors store and give them the incentive to try out Twins for a great deal on Baileys.

Real Ideas

First, the client created a special that we all felt would drive business – a low cost offer when you buy two bottles of Baileys. This was promoted on the shelves and on counter displays.

Second, we decided to promote this offer in an untraditional way by using low-cost 5-second TV ads on broadcast television. In the past, these short ads were only used as sponsorships (i.e. “This weather cast is brought to you by Twin Liquors”). Instead of using it as a sponsorship, we created 5-second television commercials promoting “Save on a favorite. Get two bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream for $X price now at Twin Liquors.” We chose broadcast TV for its reach and novelty. At the time, we were only allowed to run cordials on broadcast due to alcohol content restrictions, so liquor advertising on TV was very uncommon. This made our ads stand out. Also, by running on broadcast during prime time and prime news programming, we were able to reach huge portions of our target population with these quick, selling messages.

Real Results

The President of Twin Liquors happened to be in a store one day during that holiday season when a sweet older lady came in specifically for the Baileys deal and stated that she had not been in a liquor store for 10 years, but she really enjoyed Baileys and thought she’d come take advantage of the offer.

We succeeded in reaching new audiences with our message, bringing new customers in the door, increasing overall foot traffic, and selling a ton of Baileys Irish Cream. In fact, this was the largest promotion Baileys had ever done in the history of their company. We sold more Baileys at Twin Liquors that holiday season than every other Bailey’s retailer in the state of Texas – combined!

This promotion was also the beginning of our very successful “Twin Deals” promotions that are still ongoing at Twins and have been copied by retailers across the country.

Our use of these 5-second broadcast TV ads also forever changed the way stations in Austin use and sell their 5-second inventory. When we first purchased these, only one station in the market was willing to do this deal with us. Within two years, every station in the market was selling 5-second ads to our agency and to all kinds of businesses in the market.

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